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Nothing says "I own everything in this building" like long black hair.

Yeah that's right, walk up to your boss with this wig on, ask em to double your check and I can almost guarantee you, he/she will THINK about saying yes.

Nobody can tell you sh**! Really tho.

This wig is made with the smoothest hair out here, don't @ me.

The style you see here is a straight glue-less lace closure, and to achieve the specific style 4 bundles was used.  


Wear it anywhere, from the club, to the oprah show, to ice skating, let that silky smooth hair flow like the sea, you deserve this ma.


All of our wigs are 

  • Customizable in length, style, and head size (fit's your head like a glove).

  • 100% high quality human hair, machine made. Tough, and long lasting.

  • Made to order for the style you please (straight, body wave, curly)

  • Wigs marked (Ready) are wigs we have in stock; Ordering these wigs means you can get your order same day or in 1-2 days.

  • Our wigs are shipped ready to wear. So, when you get your wig, it's ready to be installed and you're ready to take on the day.

  • Saves you $30 on an install by Allure Myko. 

  • Come with a 2 year warranty. Check our FAQ to see what these wig warranty covers.

  • You have an option to add the touch up program which guarantees your wig to last a full year at it's best possible quality. Get more info here

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