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12 month Wig Revamp/Touch up membership

12 month Wig Revamp/Touch up membership

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***Service must be purchased within 30 days of wig purchase***


This is a one time fee for a 12-month subscription service that allows you to drop your wig off at the salon for professional maintenance and revamping of your allure wig unit. 

How we professionally maintain your wig 

1. Your unit is assessed for any repairs. (Clips, band)

2. Your unit is then Washed, Deep Conditioned, Styled, & Prepared for pick up

3. You then rock your wig like it's worth $4.5 million dollars baby!!

Reminder to drop off your wig 24 - 48 hrs before you will need to wear it to assure it's ready for the weekend, work week, or for your special occasion date and anniversaries. 

Only available for wigs purchased through Allure Myko.

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