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All Wigs Guaranteed to Last 12 Months or We'll Buy it Back

When you add on our 12-month touch-up program, we guarantee that your wig will look just as beautiful on month 12 as it did on day 1.

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professional wig stylist

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"I love her! so glad I found a real stylist that actually cares about my hair and isn't willing to take shortcuts just because it's faster.
She can get my money plus tip every single time!!!"

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    Bring your wig back into the shop or send it by mail and we will bring it back to life for you, for 12 months after you've purchased your wig!

    Your unit will receive a professional touch-up and feel as good as it did when you purchased it. *This service costs extra*

  • Custom wigs in _ Cincinnati Wig Maker Allure Myko

    Quality Wig Made for YOU

    All of our wigs are custom-made to fit you just the way you like. Choose your color, length, hairstyle, and even add color. I'll get it made, shipped if needed, or installed in-store for no extra charge.

    You also have the option to choose from wigs we have in stock, some wigs I create during my downtown because they tend to be the most popular or when I want to be creative.

  • different wig styles and color ideas


    Years of doing my own hair, and trying out different styles. I've tested out some colors some people may not dare to try and I can tell you no matter what, you're into, you can pull it off with the right cosmetologist by your side.

    Check out my favorite styles page to get some ideas and get inspiration. Allure Myko has you in good hands 😌

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Ever seen a hair or makeup style in a magazine, on Instagram or maybe even on TV that had you thinking... "I wonder what it look and feel if I looked like that ?" Allure Beauty LLC can help you own that look, whatever style it may be. Any look you've wanted to try on, we can help you achieve by making that dream a reality.


You're going to love your new look with Allure Beauty for many reasons. Many of our loyal clients brag about how the products used make them feel, wether its the cooling shampoo sensation on your scalp, the 100% custom made wig with high quality hair, or catering to specific hair or skin types when it comes to make up. Book an appointment today and join the Allure Beauty Family with Myko.