Choosing and Wearing a Wig - Wigs 101 - Allure Beauty

Choosing and Wearing a Wig - Wigs 101 - Allure Beauty

How to choose a wig

A beginners guide to custom wigs.

Women and men everywhere may choose to wear wigs for many different reasons including being faced with hair loss from alopecia, radiation treatment even chemotherapy.

When getting ready to choose your wig theres a few things to make sure you get off your check list. 

  • Have a photo of the type of wig you want
  • Choose a color you'd like the wig to be
  • Measure your head with your hair either wet, or slick down (Click here to see how to measure your head)
  • Make sure to get a wig that can go + or - 1 size from what you measured.


Choosing a wig style

Theres many styles of wigs to choose from, you can either choose straight wigs, body wave wigs, curly wigs, or water wave wigs. Once you choose the hair type its time to choose what kind of closure you'd like.

Closures are like the finishing touch and they are used to achieve more natural looks. There are 4 major types of closures.

  • Lace Closure (Option to have no real hair left out)
  • Lace Frontal (Can be styled differently however you like)
  • Silk based closure (Made with silk may last longer than lace)
  • 360 Frontal (extremely versatile, change your hairline however)


Natural Wigs or Synthetic Wigs

Choosing between a natural or synthetic wig is all up to the user as both have their advantages and disadvantage. Synthetic wigs are much cheaper and tend to keep their style, won't be affected by steam or rain. 

The great thing about natural wigs are they last much longer than synthetic hair, the way you can style it is very versatile.

Natural hair wigs can be modified the same way you'd change any natural hair. It can be dyed, cut, colored, and restyled. Color may fade out after being dyed as it does with natural hair but it can also be re dyed.

Consider if you'd like one really great wig to last you awhile or if you'd like to change in and out of wigs. 

natural human hair wig
( a naturally blonde wig that's been dyed)

Choosing a color 

Choosing a color is all up to you! I love to encourage others to try adventurous colors wigs! Anything that you can thing of we can help you try on, and the great thing is, it's not your natural hair that has to get bleached so why not go crazy! 

colored wig ideas 

Fitting your wig

When fitting your wig, carefully read the instructions that come with the package. Follow along with a great video there's plenty online. 

Do not put the wig hairline behind your ears, or too close to your eye brows. Place it about an inch in front of your hairline.

Consider getting a cushioned wig grip band to hold the wig securely and comfortably, or a wig liner to make the wig more comfortable to wear.

How to style your wig

Have a hair dresser style and instal if possible to get the most natural look. If you're comfortable doing it alone, make sure to tuck all your hair behind your ears, for a more natural look don't try to make it look too perfect, when styling long straight wigs use wig conditioner and wig brush starting with the end of the hair first. When styling short wigs use fingers instead of brush. Limit how much brushing you do.

Caring for your wig 

Wigs should be washed about every 2 weeks if you wear it daily, more often if you use styling products in your wig. Use only great quality special wig care products to avoid damaging your wig.

Always store your wig on a wig stand which can also be used to dry the wig. Synthetic wigs my take up to 12 hour before it dries up. Natural wigs dry up much faster.

washing and caring for wig

Follow our guide on how to wash and maintain your wig for our secrets on making your wig last. 

Avoid excessive heat and dyes

Synthetic wigs cannot be dyed at all, and they can only be shampooed with special made shampoo. They are made with glue to hold the hair together so it's best to keep it away from any an all types of heat including ovens, hot water, and clothe driers. 

Look amazing even on your worst day

The main thing we love about wigs, even on the days where our hair would give up the fact that we're not having a very peachy day, our wigs can always look on point. Paired with a lil outfit, you can go from 0 - 100 real quick and break necks with your custom wig. 

Many women choose to wear wigs when they'd like a reset on their natural hair, and those of us experiencing hair loss, wigs are great to protect your natural hair as it grows back.

In fact most women even continue to wear wigs after their hair has grown back to more than healthy standards as wigs are just easy to take care of and quick to get ready in.

Consider trying a colored wig, and watch how your face shines in your new hair color! I personally get the most compliments on my wigs when they are colored. I love trying new ones! 

choosing colored wigs