how to keep your wig new for a long time

How To Properly Wash and maintain a Wig

A step by step guide on how to properly wash and maintain your wig at its highest quality to get the most out of your money.


Washing your wig before and after

First and foremost we would like to recommend that you get this service done by a professional if you can. Just as a mechanic can fix your car easier than he can explain to you how to fix it. This guide is for those of you who insist on figuring things out on your own, and saving some extra money. Results depends completely on how close you follow directions and how much you practice.


We all love a high quality wig, we love how it makes us feel, look, and the style changes it allows us to have on demand.

The one recurring problem with wigs, if you're not a professional hair stylist, it may be very hard to maintain the wig at its best shape once you've used it a few times.

You most definitely want your expensive wig to look as good as possible for as long as possible, here I will show you exactly how to wash and maintain a wig at its highest quality for more than 12 months, so you can save yourself from going through multiple average quality wigs, and start wearing luxurious wigs for a long time.

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What we'll cover -

  1. How to Detangle
  2. Washing your wig
  3. Conditioning Your Wig
  4. Drying the Wig
  5. How to Style Your Wig
  6. Conclusion

How to Detangle Your Wig

It all starts with the quality of the hair, higher quality hair automatically will outlast any average store purchased wigs any day of the week. Once you make sure to you avoid store bought wigs, your next important task is how you detangle you wig.

Detangling or brushing through your wig is an art that must be mastered. Lucky for you it's a simple task. 

When detangling your hair most people start brushing from the top of their head down, BIG NO NO. 

You want to brush your hair from the bottom, and gradually work your way up higher and higher. When you do this, you avoid breaking your hair by starting at the top of your hair down.

You make sure to detangle the bottom of your hair first (which is the direction your brush is going) and then work your way up inch by inch for a smooth end result that avoids breaking your hair and gives you a longer life for your wig.


Washing Your Wig

Hydrating shampoo for wig

It's extremely important to use a detangling, moisturizing, and hydrating shampoo on all of your wigs.

Your wig has no way of restoring its natural moisture like our own natural hair, therefor its important to start this conditioning process with your wash.


The best way to wash your weave is to first soak it in warm water, and apply shampoo by gently running it through the wet weave using your fingers, until the entire wig is foamy. 

Once the wig is successfully foamed up and shampooed, rinse with warm water before conditioning.


Conditioning Your Wig

Hydrating Conditioner for wig

When conditioning it's important to use a generous amount of conditioner for your weave. Detangling conditioner is highly recommended. 

Once the hair has been fully coated with conditioner, put your weave inside a plastic bag. Tie it up and place it in a hair dryer for about 10 minutes OR place the bag in a microwave for 1 to 2 minutes to help the deep conditioning process of your wig.

Once you heat up your weave, use extreme caution as the bag will be HOT. Untie the bag and let your wig cool down before continuing on with the washing process.

This is also the very best time to smooth out your weave using a wide tooth comb or a paddle brush.

Once your wig has cooled enough for you to handle it once more, start the detangling process from the ends of your weave and work your way up to the roots, working in sections. Until your entire wig has been throughly smoothed out.

After the deep conditioning and smoothening out of your wig, it's time to rinse the wig.

Take your time throughly rinsing to ensure theres no conditioner left in your weave. 


Drying Your Wig

My best advice is to always air dry your wig. Hang your wig on a wig stand or lay it down on a dry towel.

If you want to use a hair dryer, set the temperature on low heat.

Using a dry towel takes a bit longer but it can still get the work done for those without a wig stand. 

When drying the wig it's helpful to set your part on your lace where you would want it when you style it.

This will cut down your styling time dramatically and allow the wig to lay flatter. 

Before letting your wig dry, its very important to comb through the wig one more time to assure that your wig will be drying smooth and untangled.  

Make sure your wig is fully dry to avoid lingering and musty wet smell. 


How to Style Your Wig

After your hair is completely dry, detangle your hair again using the wide tooth comb and paddle brush.

When styling your hair using high heat, to straightened or curl it, it's very important to use heat protectant to keep your weave from getting fried due to constant heat exposure. 

Style your wig as desired and rock it again as if you just bought it today ! After this step you are officially DONE


Washing your wig before and after

I hope after absorbing some of this knowledge, you have an idea of what it takes to care for your wig and do your part for your wig to last a very long time. 

You've learned how to detangle, wash, condition, and dry your wig followed by styling it to your hearts content. 

Taking care of your wig, saves you money, keeps your favorite wig looking good, and gives you a bit of practice as to what professionals do to maintain their hair at high quality. 

It's very useful to wash your wig after wearing it for extended hours to maintain the quality of your hair. 

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