Why Shop Here

  • Allure Guarantee - Means all of our wigs is guaranteed to last you at least 2 years !! Thats 24 months!! Anything that goes wrong with the wig during this time, such as loose tracks, clips, combs, or band replacements will be fixed completely free of charge. Making this a high quality gift for yourself or someone else 😉

  • Wigs Made in The U.S.A 🇺🇸 - All of our wigs are made locally by yours truly. No wigs that you'll find here is shipped from China. All high quality and made with love 💕

  • Custom Fit Wigs - All of our wigs are custom made to fit YOU, your exact head size, circumference and all that jazz. Check out our page on how to correctly measure your head size for a wig to start;
    The benefit of this is... the best fitting wig that you will ever wear

  • Qualify for Our Touch Up Program ✨ - We offer a touch up program for all of our wigs. The touch up program is a way to insure you get the most out of your wig. This program allows you to drop off your wig at the local salon once per month for a maintenance and or revamping of the Allure Wig unit.
    Your unit is assessed for any repairs, or clips/bands, change out or add. Before your custom wig is washed, deep conditioned, styled (if necessary) and prepared for pick up on the desired day; It'll feel like the first day you got it. 🤩
    You may also schedule an instal service to have the wig professionally installed after the revamp.

  • Avoid Sitting Through Hours Of Braiding - Another ☝️ great thing about our wigs is, if you buy from our ready to pick up wigs section, you get expedited professional install. Meaning you can come in and be on your in less than 5 minutes. Unless a deep wash and prep for your natural hair is needed. 
professional wig stylist

Over 250 reviews on StyleSeat ⭐️

After attending cosmetology school at Empire Beauty School and graduating in 2014, I received my license in 2016 and started my own hair & make up practice as an independent contractor. 

Thanks to the tremendous support I’ve received in the city of Cincinnati and surrounding areas, I grew my loyal customer base and been able to expand my business. 

 ( Over 250 reviews onStyleSeatfor an average of 4.9 Stars ⭐️ ) 

MY Favorite Accomplishment

One of my favorite accomplishments is being a mentor in The Young Girls Empowerment. A non profit organization geared towards girls of age 7 to 20, where we help teach them how to be a positive role model, a positive citizen in the community, and show them how to focus on the positivity of life amongst all of the chaos surrounding us.

Goals and Other Accomplishments

My goal is to make everyone who shops with me feel gorgeous in their own skin, and realize that you can achieve your dream look, be proud of your flaws and perfections alike and feel good about being you day in and day out.

My other accomplishments include, being apart of Miss Africa USA 2020 competition where I made it to the finalist round as a first time contender, graduating top of my class at Empire Beauty School, and owning my very own salon by the age of 30.   

I would like to thank each and every single one of you for visiting my page, sharing the resources I have here, and being apart of my journey. Thank you for the love and towards Allure and being a part of The Feel Good Experience. 

  • Custom Wig Construction

    Build your own wig, get ideas for styles to create, and looks to go after by looking at our "favorite wig looks" page, where I try different colors, styles, outfits, to go along with my wig and give you some ideas.

  • Lace Wig Install

    Steps for a lace wig instal include, hair is first braided, and wig glue is used and applied around the perimeter of your hair, no glue gets in your natural hair. The wig is then bonded with the glue and secured with wig clips as needed.

  • Traditional Sew In

    Any sew in with any natural hair left out to blend. Anything over 3 bundles will be $25 extra per bundles. Great for women who want to avoid heat in their natural hair.

  • Lace Closure Sew In

    Closure must be dropped off at least 2 days or a at the latest for customization. This is a sew in with all hair braided using a closure piece at the top up to 3 bundles. Additional bundles $25 more. Hair longer than shoulder length will be more.

  • Lace Frontal Sew In

    Frontal MUST be dropped off no later than 2 business days prior to appointment. lace closure either fully sewed, glued, or both, for added security.

  • Crochet Braids

    This features an invisible (knot free) part which helps Crochet braids appear as if they are coming out of scalp by hiding knots using a special crochet method.

  • Eyebrow Services

    3D Mink eyelashes, eye brow fill in, sculpted eye brows and more.

  • Loc Maintenance

    Deep wash treatment with cooling shampoo, leave in conditioner, and all natural products used to rejuvenate your hair and enrich your hair while improving the quality and its growth.